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Golfer with glove and ball

If you are new to golf, you might have a lot of questions about equipment and apparel. Before you hit the course, there are definitely some equipment needs you should address in advance to be ready for each round.

One of those needs is getting a golf glove. This might lead to other questions: First of all, why wear a golf glove? And why just one?

What Hand Does a Golf Glove Go On, Anyway?

So, what hand does a golf glove go on? That would be the top hand that grips the end of the club. If you are right-handed, you wear a glove on the left hand, and the reverse is true for southpaws. You get greater stability and grip at the end of the club by wearing a glove. This hand also does a bit more work pulling the club through the swing, like a batter in baseball.

Why Wear a Golf Glove

A golf glove is a practical way to help your game. Most golfers wear them, and there are a number of reasons why. A premium quality golf glove protects your hand from blisters. The repetition of swinging a club throughout a round can wear the skin on your hands.

Golf gloves also help you maintain your grip on a hot day. Sweaty hands can be slippery hands, and the last thing you want is to send your club flying into another player. A quality glove will help keep your grip firm, even on the hottest summer days. On the flip side, golf gloves can keep your hands warm on a cold day. This is about the only time you see golfers wearing two gloves.

Why One Hand?

The reason you see golfers wearing just one glove is primarily because you need an ungloved hand throughout your round; for example, you need to be able to grab a tee out of your pocket. Constantly taking off and putting on a glove can hold up play, so it is a matter of courtesy to wear just one. Many players also prefer to have some barehand feel for their club in addition to wearing the one. In fact, some players take off their glove for putting and other short game strokes to increase their feel.

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Golf is a great sport, and having the right tools can really help your game. Contact us to learn more about other nuances of the great game of golf.

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Marc Gutierrez
Marc Gutierrez

June 24, 2020

Just received 6 of your Elite Golf Gloves, as I wanted to try multiple colors. Fit is perfect, and definitely well made gloves. Looking forward to testing out this week.

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