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  • February 10, 2020 2 min read

    There's no question that golf gloves have it rough.  They absorb sweat, they endure constant gripping on a club, they adjust to the friction of swinging, and when not in use the sit in your golf bag that is usually left in your trunk.  Because of the this, golf gloves tend to need to be replaced frequently.  However, almost all golfers take advantage of the benefits of using a golf glove.  Although a glove isn't the most expensive golf item it is one of the most important. Poor care of your glove could result in purchasing them more frequently...and that could add up!  We've got some easy tips to extend the life of your golf glove.

    Keep your golf glove as dry as you can.  If you sweat a lot, rotate between two gloves as necessary so the unused glove can dry.  Be sure to keep them straight and flat, this is very important.  The leather needs to dry evenly, the best way to do this is to air dry it inside a Bender Glove Box.

    If you need to clean your glove, use a soft damp cloth.  Gloves are made from soft leather, so do not overly wet the area.  Lay the glove out flat to try, but not in direct sunlight or heat.  Drying the glove too quickly could cause more harm than good by cracking or deteriorating.  Before the glove is completely dry, put it back on.  This will help to stretch the leather back into shape and keep it from shrinking too much.

    A good rule of thumb is your lay your golf glove out flat when not in use.  This allows it to dry thoroughly.  Do not wad it up and stuff it inside your golf bag pocket.  Again, our Glove Box is made for this.  Use it to extend the life of all of your golf gloves.

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