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  • January 16, 2020 1 min read

    January is all about resolutions.  Everybody makes them, most people fail to accomplish them.  We've got a golf resolution for you for 2020...Just Play!  It sounds easy enough, but lets dig a little deeper...

    We all are guilty of over analyzing a tee shot or getting frustrated when we miss a 10 foot putt.  Or what about trying to hit a draw, only to hit is straight and leave yourself with a 20 yard further approach shot.  Ever been between clubs and feel like you ended up choosing the wrong one?  Of course you have!

    This year, those same things will happen, it's inevitable.  But lets try something different once a month, maybe once a week...Just Play.  Forget about overthinking a tee shot, grip it and rip it.  Don't think about a missed putt a few wholes back, be thankful you got there in 2.  The next time you are in between clubs just grab one and hit it pure.  Arnold Palmer was quoted saying "golf is a game of inches, the most important are the 6 inches between your ears".  He was definitely spot on.  

    It's easier said than done, but in 2020 give yourself a few rounds where you can "Just Play".

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