Why wear a golf glove?

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If you don't currently wear a golf glove, you owe it to yourself (and your hand) to try one.  Trust us, your hand will thank you later.

With a quality golf glove, you get a distinct advantage by being able to take a secure grip of the club with just light pressure.  During a golf swing, squeezing the grip adds tension to your muscles, reducing clubhead speed and preventing a proper release through the ball...often resulting in a slice and lost yards.  Bender Gloves Color Golf Gloves give you a firm, confident grip even while your hands remain relaxed.  That allows you to strike the ball more squarely and with greater swing speed for more accurate and longer golf shots.

With that kind of advantage, is it any wonder that over 95% of tour pros wear a golf glove?  Go ahead and try a color golf glove, look good on the course and start to lower those scores!

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