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  • April 18, 2019 3 min read

    Wearing a quality golf glove, like the ones offered by Bender Golf, while you’re playing is important because it’s the only part of your body that’s touching the golf club on each swing. However, after repeated use, you’ll need a new one.  The leather will start to wear out and become less tacky, thus impacting your performance.  But when exactly should you buy one? It's definitely debatable.  Let's first talk about why you need a glove.

    Why Wear a Golf Glove
    There are several benefits to wearing a golf glove while you play. A golf glove keeps your hand from slipping during your swing.  The more premium the leather, the tackier the grip.  That's why Bender Gloves are so popular amongst golfers.  Regardless of the style or color, they all have premium cabretta leather on the palm.  Wearing a golf glove also decreases how tight you have to grip the club, and too much grip pressure doesn’t make for a good swing. 

    Why Gloves Wear Out
    Many people complain that their golf glove wears out too fast. The answer from most pros is because you aren't gripping the club correctly.  A golf glove wears out because there is friction. All gloves will eventually wear out but they will wear out quicker when friction is present. This means that the golf club is moving in your hand, causing the rubber of the golf grip to rub against the leather of the glove you’re wearing. So the question becomes, what’s causing the friction?

    The number one problem causing too much friction is an improper grip or swing. Sometimes holding the golf club too much in the palm of the hand will cause it to slide around, especially on mishits. Even if you are holding the golf club in the correct position, hitting the ball on the toe and heel means you could have slight twisting in your hands.  The club grip should also be held more in the fingers than in the palm. You’ll sometimes see wear in this part of the glove as well, often in the form of a hole near the thumb.  Other times your swing is spot on, but you may just need new grips, they might be causing a more rigid surface and need replaced.  Bender Golf Gloves tries to combat these issues with a dual cabretta patch on the palm, allowing the golfer two layers of protection.

    When to Replace Your Golf Glove
    Tour pros switch gloves each round, if not sooner.  We all can't do that.  If you have a good grip and apply a gentle but firm pressure to the golf club, you won’t need a new glove anytime soon.  But what does "anytime soon" mean.  It could be different for each golfer.  Some golfers need a new glove each week, some need to change every few months, others maybe once a year.

    If there is any wear at all, then it is time for a new golf glove. Wear will inevitably occur, and it will typically show up on the heel or thumb pad. If you start seeing these signs then a hole is likely around the corner.  You’ll want a golf glove in good condition so it doesn't hinder your game. Any kind of wear will decrease performance so pick out a new golf glove so you can play your best!

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