About Bryan Bender

With 20+ years in e-commerce and web development, and a long standing passion for golf, Bryan set out to combine the two interests.  There was a gap in the golf glove market, a lack of "cool".  There were a few options for color golf gloves but nothing that suited your typical golfer.  At one end of the color golf glove spectrum were nice gloves, but very high priced.  At the other end were affordable golf gloves, but poorly made.  Missing were stylish gloves that performed well and that everyone could afford.

In January 2013, he (along with his wife) founded Bender Gloves, a golf glove company committed to developing premium color golf gloves at affordable, direct pricing.  After a successful first year marked by positive feedback, supportive reviews, and a loyal customer base, Bender Gloves has continued to grow each year, making it the leader in direct-to-consumer color golf glove brands.

Before starting BG and deciding to challenge consumer golf glove buying habits, he was (and still is) your typical golfer.  You can catch him on Thursday nights at the local course with the guys in his golf league or Saturday mornings at nearby courses with his regular foursome.  Bryan is constantly trying to improve the game of golf, is upfront about business when approached with a new product idea or business strategy, and he truly believes in what he sells.  You'll never catch him golfing without a designer glove on.  The same is also true for anyone that golfs with him, he has a bag full of extras just to make sure!

"Golf is a traditional sport, but is constantly changing.
We've found that the best way to predict the future is to create it.
So far with the help of loyal customers we've been able to do that." 
- Bryan Bender