Why Color Golf Gloves?

This company was created out of a simple idea of wanting more options for our golf gear. We were tired of seeing the same white gloves with brown belts and loved the thought of wearing color that could match our shirts, hats, or pants. We figured we weren't the only golfers who might feel this way, and so Bender Gloves was born!

We developed a idea that was aimed at golfers who were looking for gloves with some uniqueness and a bit of attitude! There simply wasn't anything that resembled "fun" when it came to golf gloves, so we took it upon ourselves to kick it up a notch by creating our color golf glove line.  

First and foremost we are a family business.  The idea of color golf gloves was first tossed around at our kitchen table.  Several new ideas and strategies still come about the same way.  Although the BG Team has grown over the years the same core values still hold true today.

Bender Gloves first launched, it has grown from a local craze to a global company. Golfers from all over the world now golf in style with our gloves.  At Bender Golf, we're still small enough that we email our customers individually, and large enough that we touch the hands of people all over the world...literally!

Staying true to our colorful theme, we've since added waterproof socksgolf belts, and arm sleeves to our product portfolio.  They are small in price, but can deliver a huge statement on the course.  Combine any assortment of belts, gloves, sleeves, and socks and create a unique look that will have everyone remembering your next great shot!

Our color golf products can be an extension of your personality adding fun and style to each swing. This leaves only one question...what color are you?