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  • September 18, 2019 2 min read

    Have you ever wondered why choosing the right golf glove is so important? Maybe you've never put much thought into it.  Well, there's plenty of reasons that having the right glove is crucial.  But here's the simplest answer: The glove is the golfer's only connection to the club on every swing.

    While there are many different schools of thought on glove material and fitting, there are two basic considerations that the industry has established for when golfers choose their glove: size & type.

    SIZE: When your glove is too small, it can easily lead to not holding the club tight enough and seriously impacting the swing speed, power, and contact to the ball. But when a glove is too big, the club might come loose from the golfer's hands on the backswing ever so slightly, causing it to twist, resulting in an errant shot.  With the wrong size golf glove your swing could be impacted dramatically.

    TYPE: When it comes to golf gloves a new golfer may seem lost & overwhelmed by the different materials available. Regardless of the material used on top of the glove, the palm needs to be a soft and durable leather that is tacky. This is why Bender Gloves have been so popular on the amateur and professional circuits.  We use the best cabretta leather available.

    Everyone will have their own opinion on whether a golf glove should be worn, and what kind of glove is the best. We asked golfer Mike Bender his thoughts on why a golf glove may or may not be an important part of your game.

    "I am not like most people in the industry when it comes to golf gloves. I don't believe in size guides and measuring, and I certainly can appreciate when a certain glove feels better than another. The golf glove is the only point of contact with the club on each swing, so it needs to be perfect for each swing.  I've found that with Bender Golf Gloves, the feel is excellent and the sizing is spot on.  No other glove seems find the perfect combination like Bender Gloves.

    There are gloves out there with synthetic materials, lycra materials, cotton materials, etc. The one thing they all should have in common is a cabretta leather palm where the glove comes in contact with the club. This is key for a smooth and tacky grip. The top side of the golf glove is somewhat irrelevant, but you MUST have a cabretta leather palm.

    I have found that I can fit just about anyone into a BENDER GLOVE and have gotten nothing but rave reviews from all golfers that have used one. For me personally, I would not even consider wearing anything else."

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