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  • August 20, 2019 1 min read

    Most golfers wear a glove on one hand - on the left hand if you are a right-handed golfer, and on the right hand if you are a left-handed hitter. A few golfers will wear two gloves, but a single glove is normal. For a proper fit, the golf glove should fit snugly so keep this in mind when measuring your hand. The glove will loosen as you wear it, so keep that in mind when determining your perfect size. Because there isn't a general sizing chart for all golf gloves, use the specific sizing chart for Bender Golf Gloves when shopping online.

    1 - Hold one end of a ruler or tape measure at the spot where your wrist meets your hand.

    2 - Hold the ruler or tape measure so that the other end is lined up with the top of your middle finger.

    3 - Note the measurement of the distance between your wrist and the top of your middle finger.

    4 - Compare your measurement to the size chart for Bender Golf Gloves.

    5 - Note your size. Ladies' sizes are small, medium, and large. Men's sizes are small, medium, medium-large, large, extra large, and double extra large. Most junior golf gloves will fall under the women's sizes.

    Sizing is the most important part of selecting a golf glove, so before you choose your favorite color be sure to get your perfect fit!  If you have any questions on sizing, just reach out to customer care at Bender Gloves for additional help!

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