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  • October 12, 2020 2 min read

    The importance of a good golf glove can’t be understated. You need a glove to protect your hand from blisters, to make you look awesome, and to help you grip the club. At the same time, you need a glove that fits properly so it doesn’t interfere with your feel for the game. In fact, a well-made glove can even enhance your feel for the game. 

    In addition to the fit and the quality, a great golf glove has to be made of good materials. That raises a common question. Just what are golf gloves made of? It really comes down to four different options: leather, synthetic material, mesh, or a hybrid of leather and synthetic or mesh.

    Golf Gloves Made of Leather

    Most often, golf gloves are made of leather. That sounds great—except to the cow—but the type of leather is also important. Genuine leather golf gloves have a number of advantages, and premium leather, like Cabretta leather, is used for the best gloves. 

    As a natural material, leather is more breathable. It also offers some natural cushion in the palm. The downsides to leather are that it tends to cost more than synthetic material, and it can break down sooner than synthetics if not properly cleaned and maintained.

    Golf Gloves Made of Synthetic Material

    Why might you choose golf gloves made of synthetic material? A low price, for one thing. The advantages of synthetic material include lower cost and durability. The main disadvantage of synthetics is that they do not breathe as well as natural leather, making them less comfortable in the long run. That durability comes at a price.

    Golf Gloves Made of Mesh

    Mesh golf gloves offer a very comfortable feel. They tend to be lightweight and cool. The mesh material is great for those hot summer days when you want a glove that maximizes your feel for the game without getting too sweaty. Well made mesh gloves can almost feel like you aren’t wearing anything on your hand at all, which makes them a great option. Choose a unique design, and others will notice your glove more than you.

    Golf Gloves Made of Both

    Hybrid golf gloves that are made of both natural and synthetic materials have several advantages. They gain more breathability and cushion from natural leather. They also gain greater strength by using synthetics in areas of stress. Mesh golf gloves that incorporate spandex can offer a great combination of comfort and performance. And unlike your Speedo made of spandex, no one will stare.

    Bender Golf Gloves for Quality

    No matter what your golf gloves are made of, the best gloves find the right balance of comfort and durability. With the right fit and construction, a great golf glove fits your game to a tee. To find your ideal golf glove that also adds style to your game, check out the selection at Bender Gloves.

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