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  • January 05, 2021 25 min read

    Golf Gift Ideas

    Having an avid golfer in your life might not always seem like a blessing, especially when there’s yard work to be done. There is definitely a time of year when that passion for the links becomes an advantage, and that’s the Holiday Season.

    Golf gifts sometimes get a bad rap as a default dad gift when it comes to gift giving. But instead of being cast aside in the gift bunker that is socks and cartoon neckties, golf gifts can mean the world to someone who truly loves the game.

    The great thing about a golf present, aside from hitting that perfect holiday sweet spot, is that there is always something to give. No matter how many clubs your golfer has stuffed in that bag, you can still find something fun and new to give.

    You might have a picky golfer in your life, but that’s okay too. Even if you don’t dare pick out their next pair of gloves, there’s always a  golf glove gift card.

    Golf gifts are even great for new golfers. In fact, that’s where the fun begins because you have all that great gear to help them get started. Even if you are giving to a new golfer, you can help light that same fire for the game. A new set of clubs, a special putter, or some  youth golf gloves can help get young golfers off on the right cleat.

    While the list of golf gift ideas can seem endless, there are some really special presents out there that can make for a meaningful experience. This list offers a wide range of golf gift ideas, from essentials every golfer should have to new gadgets and toys they may never have heard of before.

    That means having a golf lover in your life makes buying gifts a fun experience. There are many golf gift ideas to choose from, so the real challenge isn’t thinking of a gift but narrowing it down. These ideas will help you choose the best golf gift ideas for all the golfers in your life. We’ve got you covered, from big memorable gifts to stocking stuffers that will blow their socks off.


    Finding unique golf gift ideas can be tricky. The golfer in your life might already have all the basics covered. These ideas will help you give them an upgrade on common golf items, or you might find something a little different.


    1. Golf Gloves for Both Hands

    There’s a good chance new golf gifts will make him want to hit the links sooner rather than later. A great gift idea is to get him golf gloves for both hands so he can keep warm while playing in cooler weather.


    2. Cold Weather Golf Beanie

    While he’s out there in the cooler months, a warm beanie can help him be more comfortable. This is a thoughtful golf gift idea for playing in colder weather.


    3. Funny Golf Towel

    Small personal touches always make a gift special. For your golfer, a funny personalized golf towel from Zazzle with his name or initials monogrammed will raise his spirits during the toughest rounds.


    4. Bad Birdie Golf Polo

    bad birdie polo

    If your man is a golfer who likes to add a little bit more style to his look, then Bad Birdie polos are the way to go! With many unique, fun design to choose from and high-quality materials, you can't go wrong with Bad Birdie. They do tend to be out-of-stock with popular sizes a lot, but they are worth getting your hands on. They were also featured on Shark Tank.


    5. TaylorMade Spider X Putter

    taylormade spider x putter

     It can be tricky choosing something like a putter for another person, but it’s hard to go wrong with the TaylorMade Spider X Putter. Although price range can vary, the fact that this putter is used by many pros like John Rahm, Dustin Johnson, & Rory McIlroy probably means it's worth it.


    6. Callaway Epic Flash Sub-Zero Driver

    callaway epic flash driver

    Probably the club that is upgraded in a man’s golf bag, a new driver is a great option, especially for someone in need of another tool in his arsenal. You can choose from the latest and greatest or a timeless classic that he might have always wanted. If in doubt, the Callaway Epic Flash is one of the best in the business and I even use this driver myself. Using this driver, I hit what Phil Mickelson would call "hellacious seeds".


    7. Golf Ball Retriever

    golf ball retriever

    Most golfers won't admit to themselves that they need one of these golf ball retrievers (I came to terms with that I needed one long ago), but this is a great gift for golfers who spend more time in the water than Michael Phelps, which many of us do. Golf balls are expensive and this little magic stick can help save a few of your lost comrades.


    8. Golf Glove Box

    golf glove box bender gloves

    When you get him new golf gloves, it helps to have a good place to store them. Taking good care of his golf gloves will help them last longer and stay in prime condition. You can also keep a few cigars in here.


    9. Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour Golf Shoes

    nike air zoom infinity golf shoe

    The sneaker and golf world have collided in a wonderful manner, producing the Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour Golf shoes. They may be pricey, but hands down you will have the best pair of kicks amongst your boys at your Saturday morning tee time.


    10. Garmin Golf Watch

    garmin golf watch

    The professionals may not be able to use these bad boys on tour, but us amateurs certainly can! Never guess on what club you need or the distance to the pin ever again! A Garmin Golf Watch is the perfect gift for the weekend warrior who can't guesstimate distances quite accurately yet.


    11. Bushwood C.C. Hat

    bushwood cc hat

    If you're looking for a golf gift idea for a golf addict, chances are, Caddyshack is one of their favorite golf movies. If your golfer is a fan, get them a Bushwood Country Club hat from Golf Gods. Well......we're waiting!


    12. Floppy Golf Hat

    floppy golf hat coolibar

    We've all seen golfers wearing them and laughed, but secretly we wouldn't mind having one as well. Stay cool during the hot summer days with a floppy hat from Coolibar.


    13. Nike Dri-Fit Golf Hat

    nike dri fit golf hat

    Hard to go wrong with the classic golf hat look from Nike. Their Dri-Fit hats come in a variety of colors and sizes so you can find the perfect one to fit your golfer's style. With their lightweight design and moisture wicking technology, every golfer likes them. 


    14. Oakley Sports Sunglasses

    oakley sports sunglasses

    Speaking of sunny days, why not help your golfer keep their focus with a good pair of athletic sunglasses. They help protect your eyes and are designed to stay on with even the fiercest swing.


    15. MySack Golf Ball Storage Bag

    mysack golf ball storage bag

    Not necessarily the most useful or practical gift, but it will bring a lot of laughs to any golfer who gets this MySack bag. I actually just recently received one as a gift for Christmas and I immediately attached it to my golf bag and I can't wait to show it off with pride on the course.


    16. Pocket Binoculars 

    pocket binoculars

    Help him survey the landscape and get a good grasp of a new course with a pair of pocket-sized binoculars. It’s a thoughtful and helpful gift to get.


    17. World's 500 Greatest Golf Holes Book

    worlds 500 greatest golf holes

    Reading about 500 of the world’s best golf holes can be inspiring for any golfer. It helps golfers enjoy the game they love anytime they’re away from the course. Sure, you may be salivating over images of courses you may never get to play, but it's still a lovely gift.


    18. Putter Grip

    cork grips

    In need of a new putter grip? Grips4less has such a wide selection you'll be sure to find a grip they'll love.


    19. NCAA Golf Club Headcovers

    ncaa headcovers

    Know a college sports addict who is also a golf addict? If the answer is yes, these NCAA headcovers from Headcovers Online are the perfect gift that you are looking for.


    20. Colored Golf Gloves

    Speaking of fashion and function, a great golf glove is a can’t miss golf gift idea. There are so many designs to choose from, you can find the right one that will add some style to your game with Bender Gloves.


    21. Women's Golf Jewelry

    womens golf jewelry

    Help her put her love of the game on display with some unique golf gift ideas from the jewelry department on Etsy. It’s a personal gift she’ll love.


    22. Golf Face Mask

    womens golf face mask

    This golf gift idea is appropriate on a number of levels. Whether they're just getting out of the house or heading to the pro shop, they can stay safe and show their love of the game with these golf face masks at the same time.


    23. Custom Ball Marker

    custom golf ball marker

    A personalized ball marker is a great gift idea. You can’t go wrong with something both functional and classy. There are literally countless styles to choose from online when it comes to these.


    24. Golf Grilling Set

    golf grilling set

    This is the gift that keeps on giving. Not only can he grill in style, but each BBQ tool has a unique purpose that will never leave him wanting.


    25. Golf Pens

    golf pens

    This gift will inspire him to jot down some notes when he’s not out on the course. It’s a fun little decoration that’s also useful on his desk.


    26. Titleist Pro-V1 Golf Balls

    titleist pro v1 golf balls


    This one seems obvious, but it never hurts to help him restock. Sometimes the most practical gifts are the most appreciated. All of us golfers want to believe that we're good enough to truly need these expensive balls, but we're probably not. Regardless, we will continue to shank Pro-V1's into the woods as long as we live!


    27. Golf Rangefinder

    golf rangefinder

    A golf range finder is a useful tool that is nice to have in any golf bag. We all know that gadgets always make great gifts! Any regular golfer needs one of these in his bag.


    28. Daphne's Headcovers

    taco golf headcover

    Because who doesn't want a taco covering their driver? I know I certainly do! Daphne's Headcovers are top of the line when it comes to protecting your golf clubs. They have a large variety of fun designs to fit all types of clubs.


    29. Potty Putter

    potty putter

    Why not take advantage of down time and get in a little extra practice? Even the toilet is fair game with this fun gift idea.


    30. Bluetooth Speaker for Golf Cart

    bluetooth speaker Amp caddy

    For golfers who like to relax and have a little more fun on the golf course will love to have one of these bluetooth speakers from AmpCaddy. 


    31.  Golf Ball Ice Molds

    tovolo ice golf ball molds

    This gift from Tovolo lets you drink to the game you love. Whether on the 19th hole or at home, this is one water hazard they won’t mind.


    32. Chippo (Golf Cornhole)

     chippo golf game

    Tired of playing the same old games at your summer BBQ's? In need of chipping practice? Well the good news is, Chippo provides solutions to both of those problems with Golf Cornhole!


    33. Golf Cart Heater

    golf cart heater

    Some of us golfers are so addicted to this game that we will brave below 40 degree temperatures, wind storms, and even snow storms to play! If you know a golfer who fits that description, a golf cart heater may be a nice gift to help bring the feeling back in their hands as they play in freezing rounds.


    34. Bullet Golf Tees

    bullet golf tees

    Add some bang to a golfer's game with these bullet golf tees! Made by Barbuzzo, these tactical golf fees are perfectly designed to improve performance and tactical precision! But in all seriousness, they look pretty cool and I'm about ready to add these to my cart.


    35. Cool Putting Grips

    sweet rollz putting grip

    Looking for a new putting grip? Look no further. The putting grip designs from Sweet Rollz Golf are a thing of beauty. Who wouldn't want a pineapple design on their putter?


    36. Golf Drinking Glasses

    golf drinking glass

    Drinking glasses make fun and memorable gifts. Plus, you can add a golf theme for your fellow golfers.


    37. Golf Pop Socket

    golf pop socket

    These American flag golf pop sockets are compatible with any smartphone device and any golfer is going to love it and 100% assuredly will be casually showing their friends whenever they have the chance.


    38. Golf Impact Swing Trainer

    golf impact swing trainer

    One of the biggest issues most amateur golfers face is with impacting the ball correctly. This Smash Bag from SKLZ will help your golfer develop their impact skills on the range or at home.


    39. Floating Putting Green

    floating golf green

    Speaking of water hazards, you can put the fun in water and golf with this novel gift idea from Rubber Flooring Inc. Play a little golf in the pool and combine favorite pastimes.


    40. Funny Golf Aprons

    funny golf apron

    Is your golfer also someone who loves to cook and grill? If so, then a funny golf apron may be the right gift to get! Any golfer who also loves to man the grill is going to appreciate one of these aprons from


    41. Golf Range Finder

    golf range finder

    A golf range finder is a useful tool that is nice to have in any golf bag. We all know that gadgets always make great gifts!


    42. Golf Warm-Up Stick

    golf warm up stick


    Another training gadget that any golfer is going to live. Get a SKLZ warm-up stick for your golfer and you'll be helping them get loose before any round so they're not having to take so many mulligans off the 1st tee. 


    43. Personalized Divot Tool

    personalized divot tool

    Everyone needs a good divot repair tool. You can even have it personalized to give it an extra special touch.


    44. Callaway Golf Chipping Net

    callaway chipping net

    A net for practicing chipping is the perfect gift for him to refine his game. It’s also great for relaxing, making it a good all-around gift.


    45. Golf Club Groove Sharpener

    golf club groove sharpener

    A groove sharpener is a gift probably for a more experienced golfer who is looking to put a little extra care into his golf clubs. The groove sharpener by Wedge Guys is the strongest groove sharpener to clean and restore golf wedges, irons, and other clubs.


    46. Golf Canvas Art

    13th at augusta wall art

    If your golfer is a true lover of the game, changes are he will want to decorate a part of the house, his room or man cave with some golf art. A beautifully painted canvas of a hole such as the 13th at Augusta is a memorable gift any golfer will cherish.


    47. Rubber Putter Sucker

    rubber putter sucker

    For some of us seasoned golfers, it can be a little tough to bend down to pick up our balls after holing out a putt. These simple rubber putter suckers from LEAGY attach to the grip end of your putter and will help pick the ball right up for you.


    48. Golf Flask

    golf flask

     A golf flask is another great way to add that extra personal golf touch to a classic gift. This will make a great gift for any bachelor party or for a golfer who likes to throw a few back on the course.


    49.  Golf Belt

    nike golf belt

    A belt may seem like a boring gift at first, but it's something not a lot of us golfers think to get for ourselves but does add a little bit of pop to our golf outfits. Trust me, get a nice belt that will match outfits for your golfer and they'll love it.


    50. Slam Dunk Putting Cup Game

    slam dunk putting cup game

    Golfers of any age are going to appreciate and love this simple game. They will undoubtedly spend way too much time getting lost in trying to get their golf ball through the hoop making this a gift worth the money spent.


    51.  Finn Scooters

    finn golf scooter

    I have never enjoyed a round of golf more than when I got to experience using a Finn Scooter. Essentially, they're electric motorcycles on the golf course with your golf bag forming the body of the motorcycle. Honestly, until you experience it, I can't put into words how fun these are. They are definitely very pricey and are usually owned by golf courses, not individuals, but if you can afford it, I HIGHLY recommend it!


    52. Caddyswag Drink Cooler

    caddyswag golf cooler

    Sometimes keeping your drinks cool during a round can be a serious problem and not all golf carts come with ice chests. The Caddyswag Drink Cooler solves that problem. This bag attaches to your golf bag and will keep up to 6 cans cool during the entire round!


    53. Stance Jack Nicklaus "Golden Bear" Socks

    stance jack nicklaus socks

    As golfers, we really do love a good pair of socks. If you're unsure what kind of crazy sock design to get, check out these socks from Stance. Jack Nicklaus is one of the greatest golfers of all time and might be a favorite of your golfer.


    54. Golf Drink Coasters

    golf drink coasters

    While enjoying a round of drinks after a round of golf, they can use these elegant coasters from Groovy Guy Gifts. They make perfect stocking stuffers and conversation pieces.


    55. Golf Ball Washer

    golf ball washer

    A portable golf ball washer is a simple, yet handy gift that any golfer will enjoy, but won't think about buying. These will come in handy even more these days since a lot of golf courses don't fill up their golf ball washers on the course anymore because of you know, Co-Vid.


    56. Rechargeable Golf Club Cleaner

    golf club cleaner

    Sometimes there are golf products that we don't really need, but we 100% definitely want. This rechargeable golf club cleaner from Sharper Image is one of those gifts. Your golfer will be the envy of his buddies when he pulls this out and cleans his clubs with it in the middle of a round.


    57. Putting Green

    putting green indoor

    Have you noticed your golfer practicing putting in the house using a nice mug or cup as the hole? If so, it's time for an upgrade! Get your golfer a nice putting green that will fit in his office, the house, or the garage where we can practice his putting without having to go down to the course.


    58. Mark-Tech Laster Putting Training Aid

    laser training putting aid

    If you're looking to get a little more high-tech, than this Laser Putter Tour Edition Golf training aid from Mark-Tech is one to consider. This tool clips onto any type of putter and will produce a line on the ground from the face of your putter to the hole. This tool will help any golfer improve their putting consistency!


    59. Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors

    arccos caddie smart sensors

    Arccos' 3rd-Generation system features 14 sensors - one for every club in your bag and gives you access to their award-winning golf app. This app will automatically track all of your shots, hands-free! If your golfer is looking to truly get into the details and analyze his game to improve, this gift is priceless.


    60. Golf Clothing Subscription

    short par 4 gift card


    Some of us golfers love to stand out on the course with our outfits, but it can be hard to keep your wardrobe up-to-date each year. This is where subscriptions to companies like Short Par 4 can help. They'll send you a box full of golf clothes & accessories on a monthly basis and you can choose which clothes you want to keep and which you want to send back.


    61. Golf Money Clip

    golf money clip

    A money clip is a classic groomsman gift, and you can take it to the next level by adding a golf element. Also, if your golfer is a betting man, this will definitely come in handy on the course for piling up his winnings...or dishing out his losses.


    62. Golf Necktie

    golf necktie

    If you opt for a good old-fashioned gift idea for dad, why not go with a theme he loves? A golf necktie is a great dad gift. Men usually don't enjoy wearing ties if we can avoid it, but this kind of ties helps make it more bearable.


    63. Golf Dartboard

    golf game dartboard

    You can give the gift of golf at home with a golf course-themed dart board. It’s a lot of fun and perfect for parties. Let's be real, this board is awesome and as long as you're not putting holes in the wall behind it, it's a perfect fit for any man-cave.


    64. OGIO Golf Travel Bag

    ogio mutant travel bag

    Eventually, every golfer is going to take a destination golf trip across the country (or world). When it comes time to check the ol' clubs at the airport, you can't go wrong with the OGIO Mutant Travel Bag. It's sturdy, slick looking and easy to open and strap down for security. Plus, it's easy to store in a closet once you're done using it. If you buy this bag, your clubs will be protected, I guarantee it.


    65. Stainless Steel Golf Ball Marker

    tin cup golf ball marker

    It doesn't always happen, but sometimes you can get your ball mixed up with another's if you happen to be playing the same brand. This is simple gift is the perfect solution. These steel ball marker from Tin Cup easily fit in your golf bag and provide cool designs to add to your ball with a marker.


    66.  MLB Golf Towel

    mlb golf towel

    Any golfer who also loves any Major League baseball team is going to love a towel to rep his fandom on the bag. An easy and affordable gift that any MLB fan is going to love.


    67. Ben Hogan's Five Lessons

    ben hogans five lessons

    Most golfers turn to YouTube these days to find lessons on how to fix their swings, but one of the all-time great lessons can be taught from this book, Ben Hogan's Five Lessons. Every golfer will improve their game is they properly apply these principles from one of the golfs' greatest ball-strikers ever.


    68. Golf Umbrella

    golf umbrella

    Do you live in an area where the sun is constantly beating down on you or it tends to rain quite a bit? Even golfers have limits when it comes to the heat and wet weather, but some of us will still try and persevere through 100+ degree weather and rain. This umbrella will go a long way in helping protect any golfer from too much sun exposure or rain.


    69. Golf Bag Garage Organizer

    golf bag garage organizer

    As a golfer is can be frustrating at times trying to keep all of your gear stuffed in your bag or in some random place in the house. These organizers created a designated area to store your bag, shoes, balls, and other great in an organized fashion. 


    70. Golf Lessons

    golf lessons

    Although they can be pricey at times, (over $50/hr) golf lessons are great to help any amateur golfer get off on the right foot instead of spending countless rounds and hours trying to fix their swing themselves, which often only creates more bad habits. Lessons are great for golfers of all skill levels. When your car breaks down, most people should take it to a mechanic and golf is the same. When you're looking to really improve your game, go see a golf pro. You can find one online or contact a local golf course.


    71. Why You Suck at Golf Book

    why you suck at golf

    It's a beautiful thing when a golfer finally realizes that he's not a professional and needs to relax more on the course and not get upset. Trust us, golf is a lot more fun if you take in the good, the bad, and the ugly. This book, "Why You Suck At Golf" can help correct some of the common mistakes that most amateurs make that will help you enjoy your round a little more.


    72. Women's Golf Clothing

     foray golf sweater

    Foray Golf is a brand for premium women's golf clothing. The popularity of the game of golf with women continues to grow and so does this brand. It is a bit on the pricer side, but will assuredly be a favorite of any female golfer that wears their brand.


    73. Environmentally Friendly Golf Towels

    Leus golf towel

    These custom designed golf towels from Leus are eco-friendly and are made with post-consumer recycled polyester. They are super absorbent and lightweight and are not only green, but have some pretty slick designs as well that are worth checking out.


    74. Eyeline Golf Speed Trap

    eyeline golf speed trap

    Many amateur golfers struggle with the dreaded "slice" or a "hook". A lot of those issues boil down to club-face control and swing path. If you're a golfer who struggles with a slice, this tool from Eyeline Golf will welp correct your swing path to get rid of that slice once and for all.


     75. UWANTME Swing Correcting Tool

    swing correcting tool

    We just discussed swing path as an issue for slicing a ball, now let's correct your club-face control. This tool from UWANTME golf will help you set the proper wrist angles at the top of your backswing that will lead to a solid downswing and shot shape.


    76. ReAthlete Deep 4S Massage Gun

    reathlete deep 4s

    It's tough to play your best golf when muscles and joints are bothering you, especially if you're walking the course. The Deep 4S massage gun from ReAthlete is a wonderful gift that can help loosen up and give a deep tissue massage to your muscles.


    77.  Adidas Golf Shorts

    adidas golf shorts

    Everyone needs a few good pairs of shorts in their arsenal for the hot summer rounds of golf. The Adidas Men's Ultimate 365 shorts are so stylish, comfortable and fit perfectly that you will want to have multiple pairs in your closet.


    78. "Quiet Please" Golf Sign

    quiet please golf sign

    Another classic gag gift to get a golfer who has struggles with their golf mates who make noise in their backswing. There are many different varieties to choose from on Amazon that very affordable as well.


    79. Floating Golf Ball

    floating golf ball

    This ball makes a great gift for any golfers who may have a tendency to find the pond off the tee. This floating golf ball made by Jef World will help you not lose so many balls in the water. Now if you tend to hit your balls into the woods, it may not help you very much.


    80. Golf Toilet Paper

     golf toilet paper

    Let's face it, golf lovers enjoy any kind of gift that is golf related and that includes bathroom products. A roll of golf designed toilet paper can be bought on Etsy to even make time spent on the can a reminder of the game that your golfer loves!


    81.  Table Golf Shot Glass Drinking Game

    table golf shot glass drinking game

    If your golfer enjoys a good drinking game than look no further! This table golf shot glass game made by Fairly Odd Novelties makes for a great gag or white elephant gift for any golfer. It's pretty simple, make the putt and the other person takes a shot. What's not to love.


    82.  PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer

    puttout pressure trainer

    Every golfer at some point has struggled with the pace and speed of his putting. This training aid is designed to simulate the similar conditions of putting into a real hole on the green and gives you feedback if you're hitting the ball too hard or soft. Each putt rolls back to you at the same distance your ball would go past the hole if you missed it, which is pretty fantastic feedback for lag putting.


    83. Massimo Golf Push Cart

    massimo golf cart

    Every golfer has seen other people using them and they either went and bought one themselves or they've secretly dreamed about having one. Golf is a lot cheaper when you don't get a golf cart, but that can be tiring on your back to carry your clubs a full 18 holes. A push cart is the easy solution to saving your back, cheaper golf, and getting some exercise by walking the course.


    84. The "Damnit Doll"

    damnit golf doll

    At some point, usually multiple times a round for me, a golfer will want to use a lot of four-letter words that his mother would be ashamed of. Instead of chucking your club across the fairway, use this doll which. is built to be slammed and smacked as much as you want.


    85. Golf Goddess Bracelet

    chelsea charles golf bracelet

    This bracelet made by Chelsea Charles will become a staple of any outfit that a female golfer chooses to wear on the course. With many different designs and materials to choose from, you'll surely be able to find a bracelet that fits your golfer's style.


    86. Golfer Bookends

    golfer bookends

    The bookcase of any golfer may be overflowing with books on how to help Improve his game and if that's the case, these bookends are very stylish and affordable. 


    87. Top Golf Gift Card

    top golf gift card

    Have you met a golfer that doesn't love Top Golf? Because I certainly haven't. If you're not sure what exactly to get a golfer, a gift card to Top Golf will get used to the fullest 100% of the time.


    88. Travis Matthew Polo

    travis matthew polo

    Looking for a polo that is stylish and classy? Then Travis Matthew is the brand for you. It's definitely one of the expensive shirts out there, but these polos are comfortable, high-quality and just plain look good. Haven't met a golfer that doesn't like these shirts yet, even if they may be outside the price range of some.


    89. Skechers Golf Shoes

    skecher golf shoe

    Is there a lady in your life who could use some new golf shoes? Well if she isn't a fan of the classic white shoe, consider adding a little bit of style to her outfit with these pink Skechers golf shoes!


    90. The Golfer's Crate

    man crate golfers crate

    The Golfer's Crate from giftcrates is a perfect gift to give a golfer who truly loves the game. It gives you a wide variety of items: golf balls, tees, a driver head cover, divot tool, a golf towel and more!


    91. Tee Toss Game

    tee toss game

    This gift combines the classic cup and ball game with golf. It's pretty simple to learn, but not easy to master! Fun for golfers of all ages. We won't be held liable though if your golfer wastes hours on end trying to master this game.


    92. Golf Shot Glasses

    golf shot glass 

    Some days you play so well that it deserves a celebration afterwards! You can tee up your favorite drinks with custom shot glasses that are personalized and golf themed.


    93. Personalized Golf Bobblehead 

    personalized golf bobblehead

    Want to get a good chuckle and laugh out of your father or father-in-law? Get your hands on one of these personalized golf bobbleheads that they can show off on their desk.


    94. Swell Hole-in-One Bottle

    swell hole in one bottle

    Designed with golf ball dimples, this thermos bottle from Swell is exactly what any golfer needs to help keep his drink hot or cool on the course. One of my favorite features is that the bottle mouth fits most ice cubes, so you don't have to try and shove those awkward cube shapes through the mouth like other brands. 


    95. Golf Ball Cuff Links 

    golf cuff links

    Any golfer who loves fashion and getting all dressed up for special occasions will love these golf themed cuff links. They are fashionable and affordable for those looking to get a gift on a budget.


    96. Golf Course Punch Card

    golf course punch card

    A punch card at the local golf course is the perfect gift for any golf addict. If there is one thing golfers love, it's a free round of golf. We spend a lot more money on this game than we'd like to admit and a free round is always greatly appreciated. Contact a golf course near you to check on prices and options for punch cards.


    97. Alignment Sticks

    alignment sticks

    Every golf bag should have a pair of these alignment sticks in them for when you're hitting the range. There are countless drills that use these sticks to help you line up your shots when you're practicing. They are a necessity for anyone whose looking to get serious about practicing their game.


    98. Taylormade Golf Bag

    taylormade golf bag

    Do you know a golfer that has a bag with holes in it, the back straps don't work, balls fall out continuously, and just looks old and crappy? If so, then help them upgrade with a brand new bag from Taylormade. These standing bags are lightweight and you can carry them on your back and stand them up on the ground when you're looking to hit your next shot.


    99. Golf Rain Jacket

    golf rain jacket

    Every golfer at some point has taken a look at a weather radar map and thought, "You know, I think that rain is going to miss us!" or "I don't think the heavy stuff is going to come down for awhile." Nothing a golfer hates more than the weather interrupting a very important round. Well for when the heavy stuff really does hold off, get yourself a rain jacket so that you don't get soaked.


    100. Callaway Tumbler Gift Set

    callaway tumbler set

    You can NEVER have enough tumblers! This Callaway Tumbler gift set also comes with Callaway golf balls, tees, a divot tool, and a ball marker making a great gift for any golfer.


    101. Leather Bound Golf Log Journal

    golf log journal

    Why would a golfer want this? Simple, the pros use them, they're super cool, and their friends don't have them. Go old school and keep track of your rounds and different courses using these journals. There are a lot of apps that keep track of similar data, but isn't it a lot cooler if you're using a leather journal?


    102. NFL Divot Tool

    nfl divot tool

    We've already touched on a lot of golf gifts to satisfy your golfer's fandom, but here is on more! This divot tool and ball marker back from TEAM GOLF store will become a regular in the pocket of your golfer's pants.


    103. Golfer Mug

    golf mug

    Most golfers tend to love a good inappropriate joke that's related to golf, so why not slap that joke on a mug! This mug from Boxer Gifts Store is funny and cute.


    104. Used Pro V1 Golf Balls

    used titleist golf balls

    So here are the facts, most of us aren't good enough to actually care about what golf ball we're hitting, but we still insist on hitting Titleist Pro V1's. Why do we do that? Probably because we love wasting money! Instead of going with brand new Pro V1's which cost over $45 / dozen, opt for used/refurbished Pro V1's where you get a lot more, for a lot less and they're usually in pretty good condition still.


    105. Glow in the Dark Golf Balls

    crestgolf golf balls

    We would golf all day and all night long if we were able, but the sun going down is usually the sign that it's time to finally leave the course. Well with these glow in the dark golf balls from Crestgolf, you can keep playing after the sun goes down! (Assuming that the course allows it).


    106. Golf Wall Clock

    golf wall clock

    Any golfer with a man cave is going to love this personalized golf clock from DCDesignsUSA. It's fun and comes in a few different styles you can choose from.


    107. Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler

    golf tumbler

    This golf tumbler is designed for men and women who maybe want to have a bit of wine on the course to improve their mood after shooting a terrible round.


    108. Golf Tip Calendar

    golf tip calendar

    Bill Kroen's calendar has become a staple of the golfing world and is updated each year. These calendars provide you with simple tips daily to help improve your game and look good on your wall.


    109. Rechargeable Hand Warmers

    karecel hand warmers

    Having cold hands during a fall or winter round is just the worst. If you mishit a shot just a little it stings pretty badly. Get these rechargeable hand warmers from Karecel to help keep your hands warm during those cold rounds.


    110. Rangefinder Straps

    monumnet golf range finder straps

    Be honest, how many times have you lost your rangefinder or left it on a previous hole? I have a few times more than I'd like to admit. These straps from Monument Golf strap your rangefinder in to the side of your cart so you always know where they're at.


    111. Golfdotz Ball Marking Designs


    I personally never know what kind of design to draw on my ball and I usually end up just using my initials or filling in a few dimples. Well with these ball marker designs from Golfdotz, you can stick fun designs on your balls that will separate them from the rest!


    112. Phone Caddy

    desert fox golf phone caddy

    I never have a good place for my phone when I'm golfing. With the Desert Fox phone caddy, I'm able to mount my smart phone on any golf cart. You can even customize your phone caddy with a logo of your own. Consider bundling with a towel!


    Personalized Golf Gift Ideas

    Giving personalized golf gifts is a great idea because the options are endless. You can personalize so many things, including:

    • Golf towels
    • Ball markers
    • Hats
    • Shirts
    • Golf bags
    • Divot tools
    • And more!

    What is a unique way to wrap presents?

    Wrapping golf gifts can be a challenge. It can also be an opportunity for fun. You can tie a tee into the bow as you finish wrapping your gift. You can do something similar with a golf ball. For larger gifts like clubs, you can be cheeky and form fit your wrapping for a perfectly club-shaped gift. 

    You can also use the element of surprise by placing a large gift like a new golf bag in a large unrelated box. The key point is to have some fun with your gift-giving and your gift presentation.

    What are the best golf accessories?

    The best golf accessories are the most useful accessories. Think of the everyday things that a golfer just has to have. For example, your golfer needs:

    Do golf courses sell gift cards?

    Many golf courses sell gift cards, and it’s the perfect gift for the golfer who has everything. Visit the website of your golfer’s preferred course, or give them a call.

    How do you customize a golf ball?

    This one is much easier than it might sound. Many places that sell golf balls, from large retailers like Dick’s to major names like Titleist offer the option to customize golf balls when you order them.

    What are some personalized golf gift messages?

    When personalizing golf gifts, there are many options. Some timeless ideas include:

    • Your golfer’s name
    • On a golf ball: “This ball is broken, leave it where you find it.”
    • Or “Don’t touch my balls”
    • Or “Fore!”
    • You can get sentimental with, “Happy 25th Anniversary”
    • Or “Happy Birthday!”
    • Or even add a baby picture for an adorable touch.

    Now that you’ve explored our list, we bet you’ve pulled out lots of ideas for that golfer in your life. If you’re still looking for that extra something special, be sure to check out our mesh golf gloves, winter caps, and gift card.





















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