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Cold weather golf gloves don’t always come to mind as essential supplies. If you live in a climate with cold spring and fall weather, though, cold weather golf gloves are a sound investment. Even in summer, an early tee time on a cooler day, or a trip to a higher elevation course can mean cold hands. That can lead to a lack of feel for your game and a bad round.

Fortunately, there are some great cold weather golf gloves on the market to help you get the most out of your game, even when the temperature doesn’t cooperate. These gloves come equipped with the design you need that combines warmth with feel. Another key element is the ‘s’ on the end of the word gloves. Cold weather means keeping both hands warm, so you also need a glove for your other hand as well.

1. FootJoy WinterSof Cold Weather Golf Gloves

The knit palms of the WinterSof cold weather golf gloves from FootJoy help maintain your feel while protecting you from the cold. The extended cuffs offer a nice extra barrier against the cold. Plus, the gloves are waterproof, so your hands are well protected when golfing in less than ideal conditions.


2. Callaway Thermal Grip Winter Golf Gloves

The combination of a fleece lining and extra grip in the palm ensures good protection for your hands while golfing in cold weather. Callaway’s Thermal Grip winter golf gloves also keep water out and offer extra protection for your wrists.  The grip not only helps with your feel for the game, but also helps you maintain your grip in wet conditions. One issue with these gloves, though, can be durability, so they might not last you as long as you like.

3. HJ Glove Men’s Winter Performance Golf Glove

For really cold and breezy golfing conditions, you might want to try HJ Glove’s winter performance golf gloves. They are lined with fleece and made with specially tanned leather designed to keep water out. These gloves also have an added layer for wind resistance, which can really help on cold windy days.

4. Nike Men's Cold Weather Golf Gloves

Nike’s cold weather golf gloves tend to be better for wet weather than the cold. Their thinner design and solid grip help you maintain a feel for the game (while you can still feel your hands). They are thinner and not as warm as other cold weather golf gloves, so they might be a great addition for cool and wet weather instead. However, this might be considered a luxury at the higher price.

5. Mizuno Thermagrip Winter Golf Gloves

Mizuno does its best to combine feel for the game with protection from the elements. The Thermagrip winter golf gloves are made of a combination of synthetic material with leather patches. They include wind protection and lining for the cold while also keeping water out.

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