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  • June 24, 2020 2 min read

    Just what is a cadet glove? Despite what many people think, they are not made just for children. Cadet gloves are also for men and women with shorter and wider fingers than a regular golf glove. This different design can add the feel you’re looking for.

    Having a good feel for the game is one of the most important things in golf. A great golf glove can enhance your feel while offering protection from blisters and strengthening your grip, so having the right pair of golf gloves can make a huge difference to your game. In addition to the material and construction of a golf glove, the type and fit are just as important. For some golfers, a cadet glove can be the best option.

    Fitting & Comfort

    The fingers of cadet vs regular gloves can make all the difference. A cadet glove has shorter fingers than a regular glove. If you have shorter fingers, you’ve probably experienced the discomfort of excess material at the ends of your gloves, which definitely doesn’t help your feel for the game.

    Cadet vs regular golf gloves also have wider fingers, which is important as well. A glove that’s too tight affects your grip and feel. Cadet gloves are thus a great option for people with bigger hands and shorter fingers.


    Like regular gloves, cadet gloves come in a variety of sizes, typically in men’s sizes from small to double extra-large. Women looking for cadet gloves can often find what they are looking for in the men’s small-to-medium size range.

    Cost of Cadet vs Regular Golf Gloves


    There are two major benefits of cadet gloves. The first is that you get the right proportioned glove for your hand to help your game. The second is that cadet gloves cost about the same as a regular glove, so you don’t have to let price get in the way of purchasing the right glove for you.

    Snag Some New Golf Gloves! 

    Looking to pick up some new golf gloves? Bender Gloves has a variety of options to choose from whether you want to catch some eyes on the course or remain neutral. Check out our collection of golf gloves today.

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