Blue Elite Tour Golf Glove

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Sometimes, you just want the best. Bender gives you that with this premium blue golf glove. We added all the comforts, luxury, strength, and durability that we could to give you the ultimate tour-quality golf gloves, in blue. The bold blue color adds the style you are looking for to complement your game. You get the best of both worlds with a stylish blue golf glove that stands out while maintaining the elements of a classic golf glove look—and of course the fit that lets you feel the club and stay close to the game.


The Elite Tour lineup is pure luxury, made entirely with precision-cut AA Cabretta Leather, delivering the highest tour-grade golf glove with unmatched construction. The premium leather means you get the fit and breathability you need on a hot day to maintain your feel for the game. The solid construction means your blue golf glove will be with you for many rounds to come. Plus, the Blue Elite Tour Golf Glove by Bender gives you a premium product at an affordable price.

Our customer reviews show that avid golfers love the quality of this product and the value they get. Step up your game as well as your gear on the golf course with the Blue Elite Tour Golf Glove by Bender Gloves.


  • 100% Premium AA Cabretta Leather

  • Tour Performance & Fit

  • AA Cabretta Leather Palm with Reinforced Patch

  • Conforms with USGA Rules

  • Conforms with R&A Rules of Golf

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