Choosing the right golf glove.

December 02, 2016 2 min read

As with every sport, there are pieces of equipment that are of absolute necessity. While a golf glove may not be one of them, they are indeed vital to almost every golfer. Virtually every professional golfer uses one...why? Well you'll be glad to know that in this article we've covered everything from the different types of golf gloves to the very purpose of using one.

First, if you're just starting out or simply have no idea why the glove was ever invented, then there's actually a pretty simple answer to it. The human hand is simply not as viscid (firm and sticky) as a golf glove. Another reason for using a golf glove is that when playing in damp conditions or with sweaty palms, you definitely won't be assured that perfect swing. Whereas with a golf glove, your true ability will surely be demonstrated. You may also ask yourself why most professionals only use one glove; the reason for this is because there is one "leading" hand in the golf swing. For example, with a right handed golfer, the left hand is typically more dominate in controlling the club head and therefore requires the utmost attachment to the grip of the club.

One of the many difficulties of the game is choosing the right equipment and as for gloves, you'll soon realize that there are quite a variety to choose from. In general there are four categories of gloves to choose from, namely: Gloves for Men, Gloves for Women, Gloves for Children and Gloves for the Disabled. While these categories make it sound quite simple, when actually browsing through the selection at a store, you may find yourself a bit frustrated when making a decision. Some provide a better grip, some control perspiration better, some provide more comfort; some are technically advanced or some may simply look better. When deciding on one, you should always have a look at the material, level of grip, design and overall quality of the brand. If you are just starting out, we suggest you begin with something average and inexpensive and perhaps try out others as you progress. This is because every person is unique; some sweat more, have different hand sizes, rough or smoother hands and the list goes on.

Overall, we highly recommend that you make use of a golf glove and choose one that suits your own personal taste, while still maintaining the quality that is needed for you to perform at your absolute best.  You can find the perfect combination of style and performance from Bender Golf

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