Beer Cart Golf Towel


Our 'Just Play' Golf Towel is not your ordinary golf towel.  Its unique weave pattern holds more than 300 times its weight in water, making it more effective at cleaning ridges and retaining moisture than any other towel on the market. The Beer Cart Golf Towel has microfiber technology that picks up dirt and moisture and holds it within the cloth, resulting in a cleaner, drier surface...resulting in enhanced player performance.  Toss it on your golf cart windshield to let the beer cart know if you need another drink!

Tough enough to clean grooves on the dirtiest clubs, yet gentle enough to wipe your glasses.

BENDER GOLF  Towel Features:

● Waffle weave holds 300% its weight in water
● Microfiber & Lightweight Design
● Non-Abrasive & Lint Free
● Easy clip design to attach to golf bag
● Logo on back

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