Want a $5 Coupon?

Golf Discount Sale

Thank you so much for your support!  We'd like to offer you a $5 gift certificate that can be used on any Bender Golf product!

To receive your gift certificate just follow these steps:


2)  Use your iPhone, Samsung, or Tablet and record a short video (minimum 20 seconds) of yourself wearing your Bender Golf gear.  Ask a friend to record it if you can, the video works better that way!

Video Requirements:
  - You must mention Bender Gloves or Bender Golf or BenderGloves.com (or All 3!)
  - Show your new awesome glove, belt, or sleeve.
  - Tell us how often you get to play and why you love your new BG gear.
  - Ideally is to show your BG gear in action (swinging club, on top of golf cart, dancing, etc.)

3)  Once you're done, email the video from your phone or tablet to:  media@bendergloves.com

4)  You agree to let us post the video to our website, social sites, and email blasts.

Assuming the video is appropriate and relevant, our team will then send you a custom gift certificate worth $5 off any product!