Frequently Asked Questions

What are your golf gloves made of?
We have three models: synthetic, spandex, and mesh.  

SYNTHETIC: Our color synthetic golf gloves are made using a tried and true synthetic leather on top, cabretta leather on the palm, and lycra inserts between the fingers.  
SPANDEX: Our spandex color golf gloves are made using printed/solid lycra on top and cabretta leather on the palm.  
MESH: Our mesh golf gloves, currently come in the skeleton bones design and offer a mesh material on top with the cabretta leather on the palm.  

All models offer a dual patch on the palm where the club comes into contact to make them more durable.

What are your arm sleeves made of?
The sleeves we carry are a combination of nylon, polyester, and spandex.  They all have a silicon grip around the top to prevent slipping.

Are your arm sleeves sold as a set?
No.  We chose to sell them individually so customers have the option to mix and match.

What are your color belts made of?
We have two models: leather and TPE

LEATHER: Our leather belts are made from genuine bonded leather.  The color is added after.  
TPE: Our new Standard belts and skinny belts are made from thermoplastic elastomer, making them the most durable belt on the planet!

Can I wear your golf gloves, belts, or sleeves in tournaments?
Yes.  In fact, we encourage it!  Our colorful line of golf products conform with both the USGA Rules and the R&A Rules of Golf.

Why are your products so inexpensive compared other brands?
Do you really want to spend $40 on a golf glove, or break the bank on a belt?  Golfers spend enough on clubs, bags, etc.  This is our way of helping you save a little so you can play more!

What happens if I order the wrong size of something?
Contact us as soon as possible and we'll get the exchange process started.  You have 14 days from the date of delivery to exchange your unused item.

What if I need a size or color that is out of stock?
Contact us if you want something we don't currently have.  We'll do our best to get it for you!