About Bender


Great products come from great ideas.  Our goal is very simple - to design and make better products.  If we can't make something that is better, we won't do it.  We believe that good is the enemy of great, and that's why there are so few things out there that become great.  That's where we are different, we didn't settle for good.  Our products aren't created in a business room full of suits or tried in a warehouse.  They're designed with golfers...for golfers...and tested by golfers.

Bender Gloves was launched in 2013 to provide the golf world something it was missing.  There was a gap in the golf glove market, a lack of "cool".  We were tired of seeing dull white gloves on the course and decided to inject some style into a product that is the mainstay during each swing.  We developed an idea that was aimed at golfers who were looking for gloves with some uniqueness and a bit of attitude!  Missing were stylish gloves that performed well and that everyone could afford, so we made it our mission to change that.  Bender set out to develop premium color golf gloves at affordable, direct pricing.  With much gratitude to our customers, we are proud to say we are currently the leader in direct-to-consumer color golf glove brands.

"Golf is a traditional sport, but is constantly changing.
We've found that the best way to predict the future is to create it.
So far with the help of loyal customers we've been able to do that." 
- Bryan Bender