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You know when some products are released you can't help by think "how in the world did it take 50 years to figure this out?"  For example, the wireless keyboard & mouse - seriously, how many rocket scientists did it take to solve that messy computer cable nightmare?

I guess you could say the Spandex Golf Glove is the wireless mouse & keyboard of golf gloves.  Now I know there are some golf gloves out there that finally come in more than one color, but no one has gone where Bender Gloves has.

From a functional standpoint, the spandex glove feels great.  It's almost like you aren't even wearing a glove.  It's not just a gimmick, the glove is really well made, and rate well in terms of durability.  Spandex comes in a variety of colors and designs, and the spandex on top is breathable with cabretta leather on the palm where you have more friction with the club grip.  

This is way more than a fun glove, it is really comfortable and really durable.  So when you are ready to retire your crinkled up boring white glove head on over to Bender Gloves online store.

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