September 02, 2020 2 min read

The importance of a good golf glove cannot be overstated. You need a glove that will protect your hand from blisters while maintaining your feel for the game. On hot summer days, you also want a glove that keeps your hand cool and dry.

That’s a lot to ask of a glove, but it’s all necessary for the sake of the game. One of the most important considerations when choosing a glove is getting the right fit. A glove that doesn’t fit right will affect your feel and throw off your game. The question is,how tight should a golf glove be?

How Tight Should a Golf Glove Be on Your Hand?

Sometimes you find a glove that feels just right. Other times, you might not be so sure. To help you knowhow tight a golf glove should be, keep the following in mind.

A Second Skin

How tight should a golf glove be? It should fit like a second skin on your hand. That means no bunching or excess material anywhere, especially at your fingertips. If the fingers are too long, try a size smaller.

In addition to fitting snugly all over your hand, you still want a little room for adjustment. Ideally, a glove will fit in the fingers and hand while leaving about a fourth of an inch of velcro for further adjustment during your round.

What If You Can’t Find the Right Fit?

If you seem to be between glove sizes, try the smaller size first. This will keep you from having too much material getting in your way. If a glove size tends to fit your hand but is too long for your fingers, try a cadet glove.

How Do You Know Your Size?

You can measure your hand to get an idea of your size before you try on a glove. Measure the length of your middle finger from the base of your hand and the circumference of your hand around the first knuckle, excluding the thumb. Then use these measurements on a size chart to find your most likely size.

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Once you find the glove size that fits you, the next step is finding the best quality that will enhance your game. Shop Bender Gloves’ collection of men’s golf gloves today for the highest quality in the game.

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