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We all know Larry the Cable Guy for his funny antics and his stand-up comedy.  But what you may not know is he has a passion for golf.

As a small startup company in 2013, we were trying to think of ways to get our name out there.  We couldn't afford to pay PGA Tour Pros to wear our golf gloves, and we couldn't spread ourselves thin by sending free gloves to every celebrity we could think of.  So we decided focus on a select few, and see where it took us.  We looked for golfers with larger than life personalities, golfers that people notice.  Who better than Larry the Cable Guy...he is known all over the world!  We reached out to his team, and they couldn't have been more helpful.  From day one it was nothing but class.  

The Cable Guy attends several charity golf outings per year.  Ah, who am I kidding, this guy golfs all the time!  But it's almost always for a good charity.

We've hooked him up with an orange golf glove to clash with his camo shirt, sleeveless of course.  He's been seen wearing a red golf glove to honor the Nebraska Cornhuskers.  But his favorite is probably the hunting camo golf glove.

We've recently been asked to be a premier sponsor at the Git R Done Celebrity Golf Tournament in Lincoln, NE.  We can't's gonna be fun, we don't care who you are!

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