The uniqueness of a golf belt

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Proper style is elusive for many players.  Most golfers know some basics...wear a collared shirt, don't wear jeans, etc.  In an era when pro golfers are walking advertisements for their apparel sponsors and tend to look identical, there is one unique style element, a long spark of rebellion:  the golf belt.

When you watch pro golf, you'll notice that a startling number of players wear white belts, a style not seen in streetwear since the disco era.  On the golf course a white belt can server a style function.  For example, when worn with white trousers and a
white shirt, a white belt keeps the silhouette unbroken and is thus slimming. If you were to wear a black or a brown belt with white trousers and a light-colored shirt, the belt would graphically bisect the silhouette, cutting you in half, so to speak. This is no fashion crime, but generally not a good thing. Similarly, a white belt can bridge the divide between a white shirt and patterned bottoms with an element of white.

It's hard not to be enthusiastic about the brightly colored belts: yellow, red, green and so forth that some golfers wear, usually to color-coordinate with brightly colored shirts or trousers.  Such direct coordination indicates style and imagination.

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