This company was created out of a simple idea of wanting more options for our golf apparel. We were tired of only seeing white gloves and loved the thought of wearing gloves that could match our shirts, hats, or pants. We figured we weren't the only golfers who might feel this way, and so BenderGloves was born!

We want you to look your best while you play your best. Our custom colored golf gloves do just that. We spent several months designing the perfect combination of performance, comfort, and style...and then we added color! You can wear BenderGloves to match your outfit, golf bag, or just to stand out on the course!

It’s not only about looking good when you wear our gloves, it’s about feeling good and performing your best as well.  Nobody wants a colored golf glove that bleeds or fades, and that’s the result with most dyed cabretta leather.  At BenderGloves, we use quality synthetic golf leather to ensure this doesn’t happen with our colored golf gloves.  You still get the same feel of original leather with the flexibility of a synthetic substance. BenderGloves have elastic along the fingers and joints to ensure smooth bending, and a cabretta reinforcement in the palm area for better grip and durability.  

Our colored golf gloves can be an extension of your personality adding fun and style to each swing. This leaves only one question...what color are you?